Tim Hoke, CEO

Tim Hoke is a co-founder and CEO of Heroic Aleworks. Tim’s love of craft beer and brewing led him co-founded the Prince William Brewers Guild, and started talking about what it would be like to own a brewery.

Tim is also an Army veteran, dropping out of college at 19 and enlisting as a Russian Linguist. His first duty station was in Wurzburg, Germany, where his real education in beer began. Blessed with the Wurzburger Hofbrau, that delivered crates of crystal and hefeweizen to the barracks, his palate was changed forever. After Tim’s tour in Iraq in 2009-10, he and the Army parted as friends.

After uniformed life, Tim continued his career consulting for DoD full time as well as finishing his MBA at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!).  His brewing life started shortly thereafter, and his passion for beer continues to influence our recipes, processes and culture.

Leon Harris, Head Brewer

Leon’s passion for craft beer started almost 15 years ago while he was in the United States Air Force. During his time in the service, he became interested in beer while on assignment in Holland.

When Leon came home, he and his roommate started home-brewing wine in their kitchen. He was so impressed that they had created something in their own way, that they knew they wanted to do more.

When Leon and his wife moved in together, the first thing he bought was a home brew beer kit. Two years later, Leon applied for an internship at The District Chophouse and Brewery in DC under Barret Lauer.

That internship was the beginning of Leon’s professional brewing career. Leon would spend the next 18 months honing his skills and really immersing himself in the art of craft brewing.

Leon’s next assignment was a promotion to Assistant Brewer at Capitol City Brewing Company under Kristi Griner where he would spend almost 2 years.

Leon’s passion for great craft beer is more than just a dedication, and he looks forward to producing award winning craft beers with Heroic Aleworks!